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Our product lineup includes coin and bill payment systems, debit card terminals, dispensers, change machines, card revalue stations, and multifunction kiosks for use in many applications. We control the use of, and payment for, photocopying, printing, microfilm output, computer use, vending machines, and laundry equipment in schools, libraries, hospitals, professional buildings, and corporate offices in thousands of locations across four continents.

Boscop lead the market in standalone and debit card readers, offering magnetic stripe compatibility with ACT, DANYL, Debitek, ICS, ITC, and XCP card systems as well as being the exclusive distributor for Intercard smart card products in North America. Integrated versions of our card readers can also be found built into our coin and bill payment systems for copying and print release.

When you are looking for coin/bill payment systems, be sure to call on us. With industry leading design, manufacture, and first class components, we build a better coin box. Products can be used to connect to copiers and microfilm equipment or for print release, working alongside the leading print management software companies.

Whether you wish to simply sell phone cards or to dispense and recharge debit cards, our selection of machines will have the right features for you. Payment options include coins, bills, and credit cards and the equipment can be configured to meet your requirements. Our kiosks offer the same security as other our products while including the benefits of multimedia capabilities through our touch screen user interface.

Our Virtual Cash range of products leads the industry in Ethernet-based control equipment for copying, printing, and cashless vending. Working with the leading software companies around the world, we are sure to be able to meet your needs now and for the foreseeable future.